Monday, April 6, 2009

more updates

So something I am really sad that I didn't blog about right away is that my BABY turned 5 in Dec.
Lainey is so funny!  She really keeps me going, because she has so much energy and because she is so bright.  She loves to ask questions, and know why things "are".   Lainey also loves the camera!  She takes all kinds of pictures the one to the right she took of herself, but I always have pictures of the T.V. and the computer on the camera! Lainey also likes to sing and makes up some of her own songs.  In church she uses her really loud singing voice, sometimes when we aren't even singing a song!  One Sunday I kept telling her to be quiet it was singing time, she said I am singing quietly, just be more quiet I pleaded.  After Sacrament Meeting the brother in front of us said  "You sing very lovely, you can sing in church anytime you want, I really liked it"
With a big smile and a I told you look to me, she replied "THANK YOU!"  My response was "yeah, thanks".
A couple of weeks ago she was really sick with the flu, and very achey.  She kept saying that her legs and arms hurt as she laid on the couch.  When she had to get up to go potty she asked me to help her up. In the cutest little voice she said "oh, mommy I must just be getting old."
We love how much Joy Lainey brings to our family.  She can't wait to go to school next year and was soooo sad that she couldn't go as soon as she turned 5.  My favorite thing about Lainey is she Loves to tell me that she loves me often (it always melts my heart!)  Once while we were shopping at Costco she had to go potty as I was waiting in the bathroom, she was just talking away to me thru the stall door.  There were lots of people coming and going, I finally said "o.k. Lainey just go potty so we can get our shopping done!"  Then she said "Mom, can I tell you one more thing?"  "I really love you". ...."Thanks, Lainey I love you too"  A lady in the bathroom commented,  "Enjoy it while you can."   I will enjoy it!  Even though there will be those bad days, where I am the Worstest Mom on earth, I know that our love is Eternal.  Dang, I am really blessed with a great family!


lightingtheweb said...

What a neat thing to read. I love to hear people that really appreciate being a parent. What a blessing families are!

Mushbir Nidhal said...

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